Holistic Wellness Products

Lotus Petal is excited to announce a new line of holistic wellness products; including a patented CBD Oil and cream with enhanced bioavailability and sustained time release to balance the mind with the body.

  • cbd productPATENDED
  •  Liposomal delivery (proven)
  •  Broad spectrum
  •  Non-detectable THC
  •  Organic
  •  Non-GMO
  •  Plant to package
  •  Grown, Processed, & Packaged in the USA

Below is a link to a video and a fact sheet to learn more.

Purchase CBD Cream and Oil directly from The Lotus Petal

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We also offer several other amazing holistic wellness products

  • Core Complete – Organic whole food daily vitamin
  • Eternal – Anti aging from the inside out
  • Renew – Reduce inflammation
  • V slim – Maintain healthy weight
  • V3 – Eliminate the 3pm crash
  • V-Shakes – The world’s finest protein shake
  • Neuro – Improve focus and memory
  • Premere – Live long and healthy
  • V-Mune – Immune support
  • Sleep – A restful night sleep
  • V-Tox – Detoxing your organs
  • CBD Oil – Overall balance and mood
  • Beleza Skincare – Firm, beautiful, healthy skin
Renew - Reduce Inflammation

Renew – For anyone who has sore muscles, aches, loss of mobility, poor flexibility, poor range of motion and/or joint discomfort


Sleep – For anyone who struggles to get to sleep, stay asleep or achieve restful sleep

Love Wellness?

You too can earn by sharing what you love!

Do you have a calling to help others and a desire to bring in additional income? Perhaps you are a life coach or holistic practitioner looking to bring in a product line that can help your clients with weight loss, anxiety and pain control. Please contact me so that I may share with you an amazing opportunity to help others and either add to or create a business that allows you freedom to earn income from home or within your existing wellness practice.

You can learn more by visiting Empower-Collective.com, Email: LotusPetalReiki@gmail.com or Call/Text: 860-335-4060