Reiki III Master Teacher Class

This class focuses on healing at the Soul Level and the Teaching of Reiki. Becoming a Reiki Master is sacred. To attend this class you must complete Reiki Levels 1 & 2. In this class you will further develop your intuitive skills and learn how to help yourself and others remove the blocks to love, peace and vitality. This is a deep dive into energy medicine where we go beyond the level of the physical and emotional realms to heal what may be causing any physical or emotional upset. You will then be attuned to become a Reiki Master in a sacred ceremony and receive the last two healing symbols. The second part of this class focuses on becoming a teacher of Reiki so you may hold your own Reiki classes. You will become a certified Reiki Master and Teacher by the end of this class. Each student receives a Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate and Manual as well as continuing support from me as you begin to hold your own classes.

This is a 2 day class that will be held New Class coming soon!!. 10-4pm at The Lotus Petal the cost for this class is $525

To Register please email

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 & 2

Psychic/Mediumship Class

In this class we explore the difference between what is a psychic reading and a mediumship reading. You will learn how to be able to do both types of readings through fun exercises as well as how to use different tools to tap into your intuition. These tools include oracle and tarot cards, crystals, essential oils, a pendulum and more. You will also learn how to clear and protect your energy and the energy of your home and office.

This class will be held April 8th 2023 10-4pm and the cost is $80. To register please email

Reiki I Class

Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation technique that uses sacred symbols to help bring healing to yourself and/or others. Level 1 is the beginning of the sacred journey where you learn how to use Reiki Energy to heal yourself, friends and family, pets, and plants. You will learn how to raise the vibration of food and water that you use to nourish your body as well as how to clear your home and office space. You will be attuned to Reiki through a sacred ceremony. Each student receives a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner Certificate as well as a Reiki Level 1 Manual.

This class will be held on September 16th 2023 10-4pm at The Lotus Petal and the cost is $225. To register please email

Reiki II Class

In Reiki 2 we continue the sacred journey into energy medicine. The focus in this class is healing the emotional body. In Reiki 1 we focused our healing on the physical level now we dive a little deeper into how our emotional state affects our physical body and what is happening in our relationships and situations around us. We then learn how to use Reiki to heal our traumas, relationships, addictions and our mindsets. Students are given the first 3 of 5 ancient symbols used for Reiki healing and receive the second attunement in a sacred ceremony. Everyone receives a Reiki II Practitioner Certificate and a Reiki 2 manual.

This class will be held on New Class Coming Soon!! 10-4pm at The Lotus Petal and the cost is $225. To register please email

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

Intro to Tarot Workshop

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for tapping into your higher guidance. In this class you will learn the meaning of the cards and how to do intuitive readings for yourself and others!

This class will be held Saturday March 18th, 2023 10-4pm at The Lotus Petal. Each student will receive their own tarot deck and a learning manual. To register email The cost of this class is $80

Summer Solstice Manifestor Vision Board Class!!

The Summer Solstice happens June 21, 2023 and this is a wonderful opportunity to revisit which goals and experiences we are bringing into our physical world! In this class we will bring energy into action!! Our thoughts are energy and that is how we create in this physical experience. I love vision boards as a manifesting tool. By creating a vision board we can stay focused on our desires as we move further into the New Year and then reflect at the end of the year to see what new experiences came into our life. It can be health, financial abundance, a new job, that dream vacation or whatever you want to bring into your experience. You are an infinite limitless being and so are your choices!! Let’s have fun creating together. All supplies are included but please feel free to bring any pictures or magazines you have.

This class will be held June 21st 2023 6-8pm at The Lotus Petal and the cost of this class is $35. To register please email

Reiki Refresher Course

This course is open to all Reiki Levels!! Maybe you took a Reiki class a long time ago and are feeling a renewed interest in it or you are just looking to gain confidence using Reiki this class is for you. This will be a place to review and ask any questions you may have regarding Reiki, teaching Reiki or starting your own Reiki business. There will be practice time and everyone will receive an attunement to support you in your Reiki journey.

This class will be held New Class Coming Soon!! 10-12:30pm at The Lotus Petal. The cost is $55 payable at time of registration. To register email

NEW!!!!!!! Spirit Connection Monthly Group

I will be co-facilitating this new monthly group with Samantha Alzate LCSW and owner of Mindful Transformations LLC. In this group we will present and explore topics such as, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction, meditation, practicing non-judgement and more! Learn how to bring these helpful practices into your life, relationships and situations to cultivate more inner peace.

Our next meeting will be Saturday March 25, 2023 10-11am at The Lotus Petal 163 Albany Tpke Canton, CT The cost is $20 pp due at time of registration. To register email

The next class dates will be posted here and on social media!!

Check out Samantha’s website and all that she has to offer here

Reiki Meditation to reduce pain, anxiety & stress**

In this group, we will start with some gentle movements and sound healing to clear your energy field then be guided into a meditation. Each participant will receive Reiki during the meditation. For this meditation you may be seated or bring a yoga mat and blanket.

This group will meet New Class Coming Soon!! 5:30-6:30 at The Lotus Petal and the cost is $25pp to register email LOTUSPETALREIKI@GMAIL.COM

Reiki 1 Class