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1 Hour Reiki Session with Deb— $80


Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing in the body. Reiki is used to reduce stress and anxiety as well as speed up healing in the client. In a Reiki session the client is lying on a massage table with shoes removed. A safe and serene environment is created. The lights are dimmed and there is soft music playing in the background. Aromatherapy is used to induce relaxation. Reiki is applied through a light touch on the body. The practitioner also works over the clients seven main Chakras, or energy centers, Aura clearing away any negative energy or emotions. A pendulum is used to balance the Chakras and crystals are sometimes used as well. The practitioner shares any insights that are picked up at the end of the session. The Lotus Petal offers 1 hour healing Reiki sessions tailored to your specific needs.

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Distance Reiki Session with Deb— $80


This 1 hour session involves you receiving reiki healing in the comfort of your own home. By using the intent of healing, energy can be sent to the client using reiki distance techniques.  A mutual time between the client and practitioner can be set up but is not necessary.  It can be helpful to have a photo of the client. A follow-up email will be sent that includes feedback from the reiki practitioner as to how the session went and whether any messages were picked up intuitively.




1 Hour Psychic/Mediumship Reading with Deb– $125.00


This service is done in person or by phone. A Reading can help us to see what is holding us back, answer questions, and get a spiritual perspective on issues in our lives. Tarot cards are used to tap in and Spirit leads the reading to see what needs to be examined more closely in the clients life. Loved ones who have passed can also be brought thru to deliver healing messages. These sessions are often very loving and insightful. The intent of the readings is to bring thru messages that are for the clients highest good. Phone readings are just as clear as in person readings.

**Oftentimes, readings are accompanied by messages from loved ones. Feel free to bring an object that belonged to a loved one to help bring messages through from them. Before a reading, it is often helpful to ask loved ones who have crossed over to come through with specific messages.




1/2 Hour Psychic/Mediumship Reading with Deb— $75


By phone or in person.



Reiki Package with Deb—$216


Buy a package of (3) One Hour Reiki Sessions and get 10% off! Just $72 a session. You will receive a receipt for your next two sessions when you come in. You can book your first appointment on the Square app when you purchase the package.  For sessions 2 & 3 you can book direct with me.

******Disclosure: Essential Oils are used in the reiki practice, as long as there are no allergy issues. Additionally, reiki and readings are not a substitute for proper medical or psychological care. Please consult a licensed professional before making any changes based on any information received during a session.