What are the Chakras?

Everything in our Universe is made up of energy. This can be a difficult concept for people to grasp because it is beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. Most of us understand the concept of gravity but it is not something we ponder on a daily basis as we go about our lives.  We can; however, feel energy within or around our physical bodies, such as feeling the hair on the back of necks stand up when something is amiss.

Our words and emotions, or that of others, can create positive or negative energy in our bodies. Consistently feeling negative emotions or having negative internal dialogue can create blocks, which can settle into energy centers within our bodies. These energy centers (or chakras) regulate all the processes in the body such as organ function, immune system and emotions. There are 7 main chakras positioned throughout the body from the crown of your head to the base of your spine.  Each chakra has a certain color associated with it and is responsible for certain functions that keep us healthy. A well functioning chakra is a spinning vortex of flowing energy (sometimes called lotuses) producing vitality and health to the areas of the body that it is associated with.  When we are not able to process negative emotions, the energy associated with them can become stuck and create disease in the body.  Each chakra is tied to specific emotions and depending on where a person is stuck emotionally will be where the illness develops. The chart below shows what each chakra stands for and an emotion that can block it.


For instance, a person who has issues with willpower or self esteem may end up with physical illness in the upper abdomen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas or spleen.  Someone who has an issue with truth or being able to speak their mind may experience problems with the throat, thyroid,  ear infections, swollen glands or a stiff neck.  Problems can range from small aches and pains to chronic diseases.  

By keeping the chakras opened and balanced one can experience pure health in the physical body.  Reiki is an effective way to clear and balance these energy centers and promote healing in the physical body.

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